It does not make sense to me. People die from liver biopsies. Am I suggesting you get rid of your doctor? Absolutely not. Find one you trust, and is totally committed to your well being. Are most doctors quacks? I don’t think so.  Just don’t do whatever you are told, because you are told. Do your homework. Research your options. I don’t care what your problem is. Whether physical or mental. Ask questions. If they are not answered to your satisfaction, ask again or move on. We are not a herd of cows, and should not be treated as such.

I have a modest background in medicine Not really worth mentioning. I have worked in CCU/ICE and ER among other departments. I have had my own business in Alternative Medicine, and still do. But all I really have is knowledge. That’s it. I worked for a doctor years ago that would hand a patient a prescription for antibiotics and say, “ take these and this should be gone in 7 days, otherwise it will take about a week.” She was being honest. Antibiotics can cause a lot of problems, and why take anything you don’t have to. Do they have their place, of course. Do I understand the liability issues doctors face, yes. But you  have to take charge of your health, and that is accomplished by being informed and asking questions. Trust me I’m no genius. I just will not do what someone tells me, just because they tell me to.

I told my Pediatrician one day that I knew just enough about medicine to screw me up for the rest of my life. She turned around, looked me right in the eye, and said, “me too.” She was fed up with all the B.S. She was tired of having her hands tied, and being inundated with rules and bureaucratic nonsense. Why was all this nonsense necessary? For the doctors that were inept, and did not have your best interest in mind. Which kind of doctor do you have?  Doctors are not created equal. Ask questions.

Why did I pick the Pediatrician I did? One reason was when she gave my kids a prescription for antibiotics, she advised taking a probiotic to replace the good bacteria the antibiotics may kill in you gut. Even yogurt is better than nothing. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, depending on the antibiotic of course, but the bacteria in the intestinal flora needs to be replaced. She knew this and gave me a solution. I will not judge your doctor, but have they ever suggested a similar course of action. If you like your doctor, ask them why they never mentioned this to you.  When the bacteria in your gut get  out of wack, it can cause some serious problems. Oh, there’s a pill for that too!  If your doctor has mentioned this probiotic course, I commend them.

Another reason I picked my Pediatrician was because of her honesty. Half of the antibiotics given to my children was because of the possibility that a sore throat was a Strep infection. Very serious. Strep can attack , among other things your heart , if left untreated. So in case it “may” be Strep, lets give them the antibiotic. Now, I asked her why not just do a throat culture and find out for sure. She was honest, and said it is not always covered by insurance. Makes sense, except I didn’t want to have my kids taking antibiotics they didn’t need. The solution was for me to pay for the throat culture out of pocket, which I did. The culture has never come back positive, I never gave them the antibiotic, and everyone was happy. The throat culture didn’t cost that much, but if the doctors paid for 20 cultures a day it would add up. The point is I asked questions, she gave me answers, and we worked out a solution.

Most of the supplements I researched were plant based and grow in the ground. They may be from another country, in a different type soil, but do grow in the ground. But the soil is so depleted in many areas, that the concentration of nutrients is minimal. Silver included. 

So it is important to know where these supplements are grown. Another factor is Standardized Formulas. Does each pill have the same amount of ingredients uniformly. It goes on and on.

Sometimes what you don’t eat can be as important as what you do eat. For me diet is a key to my health and well being..I have learned to eliminate fatty foods from my diet, and greatly reduce a lot of grains and sugars. I have learned about milk. Yes, milk. Go to What I learned about milk really freaked me out. I mentioned grains. On the surface they don’t seem all that bad. But when you learn about Genetically Engineered foods, all the rules change. It goes back to who do you trust.  How much money is involved, and who stands to profit.

Speaking of profit, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pharmaceutical Industry. When I see ads on televisions for products where the side affects are worse than the condition, it really makes you wonder. Would you really risk a heart attack or even death to have sex. Some would say at least you know your options and side affects, but they introduced the drug to begin with, and to make a profit. Another great example of this is drugs to eliminate or reduce stomach acid. The reality of this, in my opinion, is that a lot of people lack sufficient stomach acid to digest their food, which is causing the problem, and taking away what little they have will help nothing. Maybe make matters worse.

You may say, I trust my doctor, and he will give the straight  facts. How is he or she profiting in all this. Just a question. Even with Hep C, I have fired every doctor I have had in the last 20yrs., and do not have one now. I have not had a doctor in years. Are they all bad. No! I just can not figure which ones are really out for my total well being. Example. A doctor wanted to give me a Liver Biopsy to determine which course of action he would take concerning my Hepatitis. I said no. He said he could not continue to treat me if I did not have it done. I asked him the following. What if my liver is totally trashed and you happen to hit the one tiny good section left. Or, what if my liver is 95% healthy, and you hit that one spot that is damaged.

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Interested in Colloidal Silver?

My Journey

Do a search on Colloidal Silver and you will be deluged with information. It can get very confusing. Where to start? I became interested in Colloidal Silver in 1990 when I discovered I had Hepatitis C. I researched everything I could find on the disease, and "it’s cures".  I went to doctor after doctor trying to learn what I was up against, and what my options were.

I learned about Genotypes, Biopsies, Interferon, and Supplements that might be helpful. I was first confused, then discouraged, and finally decided my disease and course of treatment were ultimately in my hands. Although I found many people willing to help me, I discovered the disease was as diverse as the “cures“. What worked for you may not work for me. I am just a guy with a disease.

I learned about Liver Enzymes, Liver Functions, Liver disease, Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, and most important, quality of life. My biggest downfall was lack of financial resources. I am not wealthy. I had to get the most bang for the buck. Even if money was not the problem, who was I to trust. This is my life we are talking about.

I learned about Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, COQ10, Colostrum, Artichoke, Selenium and many other wonderful supplements that could help me. I found the Berkston Study, which was very helpful. I learned about Beta-glucans. Apple Cider Vinegar, and Colloidal Silver. There are many other supplements that can be helpful to my condition, but it went back to one common denominator. Money. No matter what I was to take, each supplement seemed to cost me about $1 a day average. I found combination supplements, Liver Formulas, that combined several things I was taking into one capsule.

I learned about absorption. Was what I was ingesting actually doing me any good, or just passing through my system. For 20yrs. I have just tried to manage my disease. I have found that when a price is put on something, or money is involved, all the rules change. Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful people out there that have my best interests and pocketbook in mind, but I had to seek them out. That is the key to all this. Most of the people I have met make a living at what they do. Their companies prosper by me buying their product. I am willing to spend money, but just have to be frugal.

I had very little interest in any of this until my wife and I had children. Then all the rules changed. I was in charge of these precious little guys. Now these precious little guys are teenagers, and drive me crazy, but I am still very concerned about their health. I had another son who died at 15 yrs. old. He contracted Meningococcemia, which is the presence of meningococcus in the bloodstream. It can be one of the most dramatic and rapidly fatal of all infectious diseases. It is the bacteria that cases meningitis. He died quickly and not much could be done. Massive quantities of antibiotics were given, but to no avail. I miss him.

Now, all this insanity happened within 24hrs. Could colloidal Silver have helped? I don’t know.

Up to this point, I have made no claims of what Colloidal Silver may or may not do. It seems the FDA has a problem with some claims being made about Colloidal Silver. I don’t mind playing by the rules. It’s easier that way. Some have fought the law, and the law won.  What’s interesting though, is the FDA approved Colloidal Silver in the 1930’s as the precursor to antibiotics, or I should say Penicillin. Why the change of heart. Did I mention that when money is involved, sometimes the rules change. It seems that the Pharmaceutical Industry may be threatened by the fact that Colloidal Silver can do what antibiotics can do for pennies on the dollar. And you can make it in your house. Colloidal Silver has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, long before there was an FDA. So with that being said, I feel obligated to write the following:   I feel much better now. What did people do before there was an FDA? Who were the Shamans accountable to? The Medicine men. Even your grandmother who thought she had a cure for everything, and did a lot of the time.

A major barometer for my health is how I feel. I realize that this is not an end in itself, but I know what it is like to feel terrible. I know what steps I have taken to improve my health, and see the benefits I have enjoyed. Feeling "good" being one of them. Doctors are very good at diagnosis. They are very good at interpreting blood work, and other diagnostic tools. X-ray and the like. In my opinion, much of medicine involves treating symptoms, and not always the condition. This is much our own fault, as we are happy to take a pill to feel better, and not always address the root problem. Again take charge of your own health. 

Today is July 17th 2012. It has been two years almost to the date that I lauched this website. I have not touched it since, except for some minor editing. I was talking to a guy who has Hep C tonight. He was the 100th person I have had this conversation with. He was using interferon and I told him my opinion on a few things. I told him I had done this and that, and I had, I had, I had....

The truth of it is, I did nothing. God put all these tools on this earth for us to use and heal ourselves. I really did nothing. I have been guided to where I am and I must give God credit. It is that simple. I hesitated mentioning the G word on this site. Maybe I was afraid I would scare off some customers. Maybe I wasn't secure in my faith, I don't know. But the fact of the matter is that I realize not only  should I mention it, but that I must. God has done much good in my life.