Silver Types

  • Most Silver products on the market today are Ionic/Colloidal Silver, which is what we make. There are 3 major types of silver products. Ionic/Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver and Silver Proteins, sometimes refered to as mild silver proteins. There are many people much more qualified to explain the chemistry and science of Colloidal Silver than myself. I am interested in knowledge, not hype.

  • Silver in a Colloidal state and Silver in an Ionic state both have merit. Our Ion/Colloidal Silver, like most Ion/Colloidal Silvers, contain about 90% Ions of Silver, and 10% Colloidal Silvers. In some respects you are getting the benefits of both forms. Ionic/Colloidal Silver is also refered to as a "silver solution". Is true Colloidal Silver better than Ionic/Colloidal Silver. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Depletion of Silver in Our Diet

  • Silver levels in soil are not usually high except in mineral-rich areas when they can sometimes be as much as 44 ppm. Plants can absorb silver and measured levels come in the range 0.03-0.5 ppm.

  • In 1940, R.A. Kehoe reported that under normal circumstances, the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables would provide between 50-100 mcg of silver as a trace element. Since that time, the commercial farms soils of this country have become extremely deficient in trace minerals. It has been estimated that levels of soil based minerals in North America have dropped over 85% in the last 100 years. One teaspoons of 10ppm colloidal silver provides about 50 mcg of silver, as a nutritional supplement. I am not however saying that by taking colloidal silver as a supplement, it is the same as absorbing the silver through plant based sources. simply making a comparison. 

  • Colloidal Silver is a fascinating and often misunderstood substance. We all are somewhat familiar with the element silver. We are most familiar with jewelery made of the precious metal silver.

  • The total ingredients in our Ionic/Colloidal Silver consist of silver and distilled water, which is what we use. Some people use deionized water, we have never tried it.  The key here is that the water is demineralized. 


Resurgence of Colloidal Silver

" The Benefits of Colloidal Silver Rediscovered"