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  • According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the maximum Daily Allowance for Ionic/Colloidal Silver is about 350mcg. You can obtain 50mcg of silver from one teaspoon of 10ppm ionic/colloidal silver. That would allow for 7 one teaspoon doses per day. One teaspoon=five cc's=five ml. One could suppose that you could take one dose of 350mcg(micrograms).

  • With that being said, I would start out slowly, maybe one teaspoon per day, and see what happens. Remember, this is a measured teaspoon, not a random teaspoon. As time goes by, increase the dosage, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. A nutritional or supplemental dose would be 50mcg per day. You may even want to start with 50mcg every other day. A therapeutic dose would be 100mcg or more a day, up to the 350mcg maximum.

  • You may experience Herxheimer syndrome, or "die off". This would be flu like symptoms. It is caused by your body trying to eliminate dead virus and bacteria. Although relatively harmless to your health, it is caused by killing off too much bacteria and virus too fast. Back off on the amount of silver solution you are taking, and drink plenty of high quality water. You should not have much of a problem while taking the recommended nutritional or supplemental dose, but it does happen. When this does occur, it indicates you have a lot of virus and bacteria to deal with, and is actually a sign the silver is working.

  • When I first started taking  colloidal silver,  I immediately felt the effects of die off. It concerned me as I did not know what was going on. Actually it was quite severe. It continued for some time, and finally leveled off. Several months later I found out I had Hepatitis C, and that was probably the reason why. My body was overloaded with dead Hep C virus. It subsided in a short period of time, and I have not experienced it since. I am now on a maintenance dose of about 1-2cc's per day, and all is well.

  • Most supplements I take do not take into consideration the body weight factor. Obviously a 100lb. person would be getting a double dose as compared to a 200lb. person. Again, common sense can go a long way here. This is especially important when supplementing children with silver. Your best barometer is how you feel. The rule of thumb I use is an average body weight of about 150lbs. for a human adult. You just need to do the math when dealing with children and pets. 

  • Listed further into this article are some uses for Colloidal Silver. I use Colloidal Silver everyday for a variety of applications. I realize I produce it, therefore I can be more liberal in it's use, but even if that were not the case, I would still use it daily for several reasons. One of the most important uses I have found is disinfecting the family toothbrushes. I personally believe this eliminates most cross contamination, especially during flu and cold season. I live in Florida, and Colloidal Silver works great on sunburn, or any skin irritation, such as using it as an after shave. It is an ingredient in the burn ointment Silvadene, and is good for any burn, scrape, cut or wound. Its anti-bacterial properties make it great for reducing and preventing infection.  Misting it on fruits and vegetable inhibits spoilage. It works well for canning as well. It is great for spraying down the bath, kitchen and garbage cans, as it kills bacteria and germs. It has become part of my life.

Dosage and Uses

  • Recorded history indicates that the use of silver and silver compounds goes back to 4000B.C. Over time, it has been used by the Persians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, among others.

  • Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, noted that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties.

  • The Persians, Babylonians and the Greeks knew of its ability to disinfect. The Romans used silver compounds for medical treatment. Silver was used throughout the Middle Ages to treat battle wounds, and had other medical applications. Ayurvedic (a form of holistic alternative medicine that is the traditional system of medicine in India) physicians in India use it today.

  • Early American settlers used silver coins in vessels of milk to keep it from forming bacteria, before refrigeration was available.   

  • Ancient texts, including Pliny the Elders Great Tome, Natural History, Book 23 (78A.D.) discusses the wound healing properties of silver slag as an ingredient in plaster.

  • In early times, silver containers were used to keep drinking water bacteria free. Silver plates were used for the same reason. The origin of silverware came from this thought process. The saying "born with a silver spoon in your mouth", referred to the fact that only the well to do could afford silver utensils.


  • As with any dietary supplement, Colloidal Silver should be used with some common sense in mind. There are no known medicinal contraindications for silver solution use, nor has there ever been a fatality attributed to the use of Colloidal Silver.

  • Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., one of the pioneers of modern silver studies, wrote, "The Body Electric". This book discusses many issues concerning silver and its benefits. His research includes using tiny electrical devices to generate minute silver particles directly into the surgical wound sites of patients suffering from debilitating and potentially deadly bone infections. (With no harm to cells, tissues or bone.) He also discovered that silver also was causing major growth stimulation of injured tissue.

  • Many of the worlds airlines use silver water filters to protect their passengers from water-born pathogens. NASA used a silver based water purification system for the Space Shuttle. 

  • Colloidal Silver has been used for years in the medical industry to treat newborn infant's eyes to guard against the transmission of venereal disease.


  • Pets receive all the health benefits humans do. There is research that shows it to be effective against Parvovirus in some cases. Parvovirus takes a more aggressive regiment than the supplemental dose. Depending on the stage it is in, several ounces per day per 20lbs. may be needed. This is usually divided into 5 equal doses. To supplement, I put 1-2 teaspoons of Colloidal Silver in about 4 cups of drinking water per day, for my pets. Both my dogs are about 75lbs. It works well full strength for "hot spots" cuts,abrasions,rashes,bites,dermatitis and clipper burn. It can also be used in the ears, and in the mouth for bad breath and dental health.

  • Invitro testing results, which are discussed on the "Colloidal Silver Dynamic" page indicates silver can kill over "650" bacteria and viruses. We are including them as a reference only, and make no claims of our own. As discussed, invitro testing takes place in a laboratory, in a petri dish. It does not take into consideration the mixing of the silver with 5-6 liters of body fluids. The results are amazing nonetheless. Colloidal Silver has been used to treat these pathogens and infections, among others;

  • Aids, appendicitis, arthritis, bladder infection, blood parasites, blood poisoning, bubonic plague, cancer, candida, gonorrhea, lyme disease, canine parvovirus, gastritis, herpes, keratitis, indigestion, leprosy, chilbains, cholera, colitis, cystitis, diabetes, dysentery, and encephalitis. Also, fibrositis, leukemia, lupus, lyme disease, flu (stomach), lymphangitis, malaria, meningitis, scarlet fever, and neurasthenia, parasitic infection, pneumonia, pleurisy, prostate
    infection, pruritus ani, rheumatism, septicemia, staph and strep infection, shingles, syphilis, thrush, thyroid infection, trachoma toxemia, tuberculosis, ulcerated stomach, whooping cough, MS, tonsillitis and many others.

  • It works well topically, without the 5-6 liters of body fluid dilution for, acne, athletes foot, boils, burns, conjunctivitis, hay fever, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rhinitis, sinusitis, ringworm, seborrhea, trenchfoot, warts, jock itch and infection of the eye, ear, mouth and throat.

Some everyday uses for Colloidal Silver are listed below;

  1. apply to wounds, cuts, abrasions and burns to prevent and treat infection and promote healing.

  2. purify drinking water by adding 1oz. to one gallon of water,one tablespoon would do, but in this case why take the chance.

  3. apply to insect bites.

  4. apply to sunburned skin.

  5. gargle with silver to kill bacteria in mouth that can cause bad breathe. It is good for overall oral health.

  6. use on rashes, acne and as an aftershave. (some acne is hormone based, but it is still effective in healing acne.)

  7. apply to bandaid and cover warts daily until gone.

  8. can be used to clean dentures.

  9. spray down pet kennels and bedding.

  10. use to disinfect air conditioner filters and vents.

  11. clean phones and headsets, wipe down, don't spray.

  12. spray in shoes to kill bacteria that causes odor.

  13. apply to nails for fungal problems.

  14. use to disinfect coolers.

  15. disinfect toilet bowls, seats, and floors, use on moldy showers.
    (works better on a clean shower to prevent mold and mildew)

  16. spray down garbage cans.

  17. wipe down door knobs and drawer handles.

  18. kills odors caused by bacteria.

  19. great for skin irritation, especially diaper rash!

  20. clean toothbrushes.

  21. use to disinfect refrigerator, stove and any appliance where bacteria and germs can grow.

  22. clean everything in the kitchen; cutting boards, sponges, sink and counter tops. Is very effective against e coli and Salmonella.

  23. spray scalp to deter dandruff.

  24. use anywhere germs and bacteria are present and are an issue.

  25. can be used to water plants, and can be sprayed on them to deter many mold and fungus problems.

  26. many of these applications require the use of a spray bottle.

There is some discussion as to wether or not plastic is a suitable container for silver. Some plastics can cause problems, but if the bottle says PET, PETE or HDPE on the bottom, it should be OK.

It may also be a good idea not to store the silver in a plastic bottle for long periods of time.