Sarasota Silver is high quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver produced using state of the art equipment. It is a constant current unit, not constant voltage. As the silver is produced and conductivity is increased, the current is regulated and agglomeration  (large particle size) is not an issue. Sarasota Silver has a particle size of .001-.005 microns. The small particle size also eliminates the issue of Argyria. 

Sarasota Silver is made in small batches, and every one is tested for PPM (parts per million), and is marked on each bottle. Sarasota Silver is available in 10-20 ppm batches.

Our product is available in 8 - 16 - 32oz. bottles. Pricing is as follows:

Wholesale pricing is available, as well as custom bottling. Shipping charges do apply, but we will pay shipping on all orders over $150.00. (within U.S.) 


Business hours are 8:00am - 5:30pm Monday-Friday, Eastern time. (941) 356-6230 or

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80z.   - $22.00

160z. - $40.00

320z. - $75.00